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Water From Sun is an eco-sustainable project, which uses photovoltaic technology applied to water lifting systems, in countries characterized by drought which hinders development and welfare

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Why is there no water in Africa? This is how things really are


The commonplace

We are used to thinking of Africa as a continent that is mostly arid, or in general with very few safe water sources where we can drink. And seeing the images and the news that come to us, one wonders: why in Africa there is no water ? In reality things are very different from what one believes. 
Is Africa such a dry continent? In reality over the years there have been several studies, signed by very authoritative international institutes and bodies, which have reached the same conclusion: in Africa there is really a lot of water but it is found in the subsoil of the continent. According to various studies, there would be enough to solve the water problem for all the people of Africa.


But watch out

The solar energy potential is such that we can draw water every day almost free of charge.

This is the energy available

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Energy characteristics

But the solar energy potential is such that we can draw water every day almost free of charge.

But what is the problem...!???

The problem it’s the worldwide almost total lack of technical expertise.
What is the really raison...?

The difficult application of the photovoltaic technology at the raising water systems is in the times in which this technologies they were born and they have become available. The electricity is diffused before electrical solar pump ('50s), the inverter technologies in the '80s when the electricity is  available almost everywhere. Around this time has been developing the photovoltaic technology but the start-up costs which making it accessible only after in 2016 thanks to coming of the “grid-parity”, a objective that today it’s allows us its availability low-cost.


We have the solution


The history

Everything comes from a technician solar photovoltaic systems designer, Leonardo Tomasselli, creator and promoter of “Water From Sun”, owner of a company active also in solar photovoltaic system and specially application.  In the year 2014 pushed also by the economic crisis start to look for new markets and he arrives in Africa. In seeking an objective and appropriate solutions for the water supply by solar photovoltaic technology, can find a technical solution he can create a system for maximize the performance of this system and pulling down the costs. Today this results have been shared whit professional associations and the universities, in order to improve performance and  make them available to the whole world.
WFS today it’s an organization of technicians and companies that operates to promote the proper use of existing technologies and collaborates with the Universities for  to promote interest and research and it becomes available to cooperate with any organization is making efforts to the water supply solution in the country characterized by drought.
WFS by his organization provides technical services for the photovoltaic technology applied at the raising water systems guaranteeing reliability and professionalism thanks to the presence of professional associations under which all the technician must be regularly enrolled in accordance with regulations and codes of ethics and conduct.

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